Drive unit


MASTER Chain® drive unit

MASTER Chain® drive unit is characterized by:

Low energy consumption The drive unit has a powerful transmission with high efficiency and low ration which at the same time prevents superheating
Long life The V-belt drive ensures an elastic even pull with minimum wear
High security Emergency stop which stops the system if overloaded, breakage or slackening of the chain occurs
Easy maintenance Standard motor, few wear parts
Easy inspection The whole front part of the drive unit is made of a transparent plastic cover


MASTER Chain® capacity


No. Pipe dim. Drive Capacity per hour Max. length (m) Max. corners
85.005 38 mm Cable 400 kg 250 24
85.006 38 mm Chain 400 kg
84.955 50 mm Cable 700 kg
84.956 50 mm Chain 700 kg
84.900 60 mm Chain 1000 kg