Master floor slats: beneficial for environment, pigs and employees.

We offer a complete programme of slats including cast iron slats as well as plastic slats for farrowing, weaner and finisher pens.

Cast iron slats

Top health condition

  • The slightly rough surface makes the slat skid proof

  • The T-shaped ribs ensure an optimal dung passage

Minimal work effort

  • Large cleansing opening

  • Hard and minimal surface area

Environment and economy

  • Long life - good for the environment and for your cheque book

  • Same contact face and height as triangle slats = easy replacement

  • Self supporting = low mounting costs

  • Small surface = low ammonia and odour emission

Plastic slats

Combine according to your requirements

  • Combine modules in 100% PP-Plastic or cast iron according to your requirements
  • Easy to clean

  • The T-shaped ribs ensure an optimal dung passage

Consideration for the piglets

  • Plastic is warm and hygienic for the piglets

Consideration for the sow

  • Cast iron has a cooling effect and is skid proof. The unique drain plate prevents shoulder wounds