Egebjerg Asia Introduction

Egebjerg was established in Denmark in 1969, in the early 1980 s, became the professional supplier of Europe pig farm
design,pen equipment and feeding system. Egebjerg many products are all over the world, drinking cup DRIK - O - MAT
and automatic feeder TUBE - O - MAT in more than 70 countries have achieved good sales performance.

After 40 years of continuous development, Qingdao Huamu Machinery co., LTD., was established in 2009, is located in
Qingdao. It is responsible for Egebjerg pig equipment and related spare parts sales, research and development, provides
the design of modern pig farm and technical advisory services.

Change the equity at the beginning of 2015, Qingdao Huamu Machinery co., LTD has EGEBJERG trademark and
EGEBJERG pig equipment product series and all intellectual property rights, we are committed to provide the following
products and services:

Danish design, the CLEAN - O - FLEX and INN - O - FLEX  pig pen equipment products;
Danish design stainless steel drinking cup and feeding trough, TUBE - O - MAT series feeder;
Danish design Master CHAIN automatic feeding system;
 Danish pig farm design;

Our product is famous for its functional design, products with excellent quality, high reliability, long service life, etc.
Based on the implements manpower and energy savings. Core products and key components are in strict accordance
with the European technology standard for production.
We have headed by founder EGEBJERG Denmark product design, installation and service team, dedicated to provide you
with professional, efficient, high quality service.
We are looking forward to become a loyal partner with you!